Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yeah! My newest online publication Which Test Won? is now LIVE

The mystery is at last revealed. Anne Holland Ventures Inc have just released our first new online publication, a site called Which Test Won?

It's all about A/B split testing and multivariate testing. Every week we'll be featuring a new real-life testing example you can vote on, and then see how your gut stacks up against the actual test results. Plus, it's got a 125-term testing glossary and heaps of "know-how" information.

A big thank you to Google's Tom Leung who helped by reviewing the Testing Glossary content -- it's a 40-page document so it was a bigger job than you'd think. Any mistakes or subjective comments in it are mine, not his! Also, thanks to my Senior Reporter Natalie Myers who stepped in to quality control the final site most of last night and this morning when my (older) eyes started burning from too many hours of squinting at the screen. Again, any errors you'll find now are my fault, not hers.

A piece of ancient Chinese wisdom soothes me at times like these: all pots must have at least one tiny crack to let the soul in.


  1. What a great new site (Which Test Won) and concept for a site. I love it! Maybe someday you will allow registering and add a leader board to it so we can brag about our great scores (or hide in shame on our low scores)!

  2. Josh - you are the second person to suggest that today so I guess that makes it official. The next time we invest in an upgrade, I'll consider this.